Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Get Started with Machine & Deep Learning Models & Frameworks Quickly with Oracle GPU Instances

In this post, we will learn how quickly we can set up Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GPU Instances, Get access to NVIDIA GPU Cloud - Container registery and spin up TensorFlow and various other Machine & Deep Learning Frameworks.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GPU Instances uses NVIDIA Machine Images. These images have preconfigured NVIDIA GPU CLOUD (NGC) set up. What this means is, we can have access to NGC Container Registry and run any of the Framework Containers & Models availble on NGC  -

Lets Get Started.

First we would need to Spin Up GPU Instance in Oracle Cloud Account.

Let us jump straight to OCI Console and Create a GPU Instance. We gave it a name AlphaGPUDemo

Next step is to Select a Shape. For GPU Instances, we will select NVIDIA GPU Cloud Machine Image from Oracle Images. This image is Ubuntu based.

Next Step is to select Shape. Can select any GPU Shape from your options. Here we have selected VM.GPU3.1 here.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Set Up & Get Started with MongoDB Atlas Cluster

In this post we will go through the set up of MongoDB Atlas. MongoDB Atlas is fully managed, scalable, reliable and secure Database As A Service from MongoDB.

Below is the link to know more about Atlas.

In this post we will go through, how easy it is to set up your MongoDB Atlas Instance and start working with MongoDB Database and Collections.

MongoDB Atlas supports latest version of MongoDB 4.x (Currently) and also has back support for 3.6

MongoDB Atlas provisions MongoDB Cluster on underlying infrastructure of cloud vendors. Currently it supports three cloud vendors - AWS, AZURE & GCP. You can leverage all the features of these cloud vendors while deploying MongoDB Atlas.

Ok So lets get started.

MongoDB Atlas lets create free MongoDB Cluster for M0 shape. You can register and get started to create your free Atlas Cluster.

Need to open url

Upon Login you will see below Console where you can access cloud resources like Clusters, Stitch, Charts, Backups.

Now we will go ahead and create a free tier 3 node MongoDB Atlas Cluster.

Click on Build Cluster from above screen.

The next screen will show various options which we need to select in order to create our cluster.

First one is selecting Cloud Provider and Region.

I would suggest to use the Free Tier Available for creating cluster free of charge.

Here we selected N.Virginia from AWS. You can select any region marked as Free Tier Available from any of the three cloud provider based on your requirement, skillset and strategy.

In Next section, we need to select the Cluster Tier.

Here we will select M0 Cluster to be in Free tier. You may select any shape for your environments based on your requirements. Price points are mentioned in the section.