Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Contextual Events - Basic Step by Step : ADF

So contextual events is a powerful event/handler framework which is provided by Oracle ADF. This framework facilitates inter region communication. Contextual Events are used in following type of communication.

  • Region to Page Communication.
  • Page to Region Communication.
  • Region to Region Communication.

We will be implementing Region to Region communication.

Use Case 
We will be creating two regions one page. One region displays an employee form with a button named "fire event". Second region just has an output component. So when first name of an employee is changed and fire button is pressed, the changed value of first name of an employee is shown in second region.This is how first region communicated with second region.

So lets get started

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Integrating OBIEE with Oracle WebCenter Spaces

This demonstrates how to integrate OBIEE reports with webcenter spaces.
The Pre-requisites are :-
  •  WC Spaces is already installed, configured and up and running  with Database – Universal  ontent Management – Enterprise Manager – WebCenter Spaces.
  • OBIEE is already installed, configured, and up and running Database – OBI Enterprise Edition.

After this there is a very nice documentation on the OTN. Follow each and every step and you can see OBIEE reports in your Webcenter Spaces pages.

Here is the link OBIEE-WC Integration.

Happy Learning !!