Friday, September 19, 2014

Customization Classes for MDS in Oracle ADF

In last blog posts Seeded Customizations using MDS in Oracle ADF & Personalization using MDS in Oracle ADF Personalization and Customizations were described using power of MDS framework. The most important part in configuring/implementing Customizations which we can say is heart are Customization Classes. So it becomes very important to know and have a clear concept about what Customization classes are , what they do and how to implement them for use cases.

Customization Classes

First we need to understand what are Customization Classes. Customization classes provide a layer of customization. This is a very common technical definition for MDS Customization classes. In very simple terms, they return a single/multiple values for which different customizations are applied to the base document.
This means suppose while configuring/designing customizations, developer configured ABC changes (Customizations) for X value, then at the runtime when the Customization class method(will the method later in article) will return X value, ABC Changes will be applied on the document. Thus Customization classes return values and changes stored in MDS are applied to the base document based on these Classes.