Sunday, June 15, 2014

Attributes in Page Templates ADF

In most of the applications, one of the most versatile reusable component that is being used is Page Templates. Page templates serve as a generic component which is used to define the structure and layout of the pages.

There are many use cases where there is a requirement to have different behaviour for some of the pages than rest of the pages using the same Page Template. In this scenario, the components for which different behaviour is required are made parametrize. These parametrized are provided in the form of attributes. These are simply variables which can be set in the Page which is using the Page Template having these variables.

Use Case : In this use case, we have a requirement that some of the pages should show error messages on the top of the adf editable form, while some pages should not show error message on top.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Drag and Drop Movable Box in Webcenter Portal

Webcenter provides Out of the box component to create a wrapper (widget) which is movable. Moveable box provides drag and drop features where drag and drop can be done between the moveable boxes.

The component used to do this is panelCustomizable. One can use this component in through both Portal Builder as well as Portal Framework Application.

In framework application in Jdeveloper, panelCustomizable can be found in composer option in Components Palette.